SmartSolo Seismic Nodes 5Hz

SmartSolo Seismic Nodes 5Hz

Technical Characteristics

Available for rental

Technical sheet

  • SmartSolo available in 1C and 3C components
  • High sensitivity 5Hz sensor (DT-SOLO®).
  • Great autonomy : 20 days (continuous) up to 50 days (12h on/off)
  • Fast charge in 3h15min
  • Data transfer, ore than 20Mn/s
  • Self Diagnostics.
  • Integrated GPS chip.
  • Preamp gain: 0 to 24 dB.
  • Time synchronization : < 20 µs.
  • Operating temperature : -40 to 70°C.
  • Waterproof: IP67 standard
  • Internal memory: 8 Gb (flash)
  • Small dimensions: 85 x100 mm (without point)
  • Reduced weight: <1,1Kg (tip included)


Seismic Node – SmartSolo

SmartSolo are versatile Seismic Nodes with high sensitivity (76,7 V/m/s). These nodes are produced by the manufacturer DTCC

  • The SmartSolo 5Hz are autonomous sensors allowing recording of seismic signals. Their autonomy, sensitivity and synchronization by GPS are particularity weel suited for performing seismic tomography by background noise.
  • The association of Smartsolo with a zero time recorder (WTB3) allow to perform relfexion seismic measures
  • The SmartSolo is composed of one battery block with a tip and an acquisition bock with DT-Solo captor. Charging and data transfer are therefore separated
  • SmartSoloLight, the acquisition software is used for sensors configuration, control and data export (SEGD/SEG2/SEGY).

Available for Rental : 

  • SmartSolo 1C
  • SmartSolo 3C
  • Accessories
SmartSolo Seismic Nodes 5Hz

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