Second Hand Scintrex CG5

Second Hand Scintrex CG5

Technical Features

Standard 1microGal resolution.
Premium rugged sensor.
GPS station referencing.
RF remote starter.
Superlative noise reduction.
The lightest of all automated gravity meters.
Smart long-life batteries.
Flexible data formats.
Large VGA graphics display.
Alpha-numeric keypad.
User-accessible automated instrument alignment.
On-line terrain corrections.
Instrument self-diagnostic upon power-up.
Data transfer using USB memory stick, USB and RS-232C interface.

Manufacturer : Scintrex



Second Hand CG-5 Autograv Gravity Meter

We sell a CG-5 microgravimeter whose sensor was revised in 2020 by the manufacturer Scintrex. It is in very good condition.

Year 2004.

Sold with transport box, transport bag, reinforced tripod, manual, RS-232 cable, cable and box for USB unloading, GPS and remote control.

The Scintrex CG-5 relative gravimeter is a geodetic field instrument capable of measuring at any point on the globe the difference in the gravitational field between two points (measurement range up to 8000 mGal) with a resolution of 1µGal and repeatability of the measurements of 5µGal.

Touch Free Operation

This instrument is equipped with a radio-frequency remote start transmitter (keyfob) to allow measurement to be taken without disturbing the meter by touch.

Automatic Compensation and Correction

By using the electronic tilt sensors, the CG-5 AUTOGRAV is constantly updating information from the internal tilt sensors. The CG-5 AUTOGRAV can automatically compensate measurements for the errors in instrument tilt. This operator selectable feature ensures that when measurements are taken on unstable ground, errors due to instrument movement are automatically eliminated. Based on operator entered geographical location and time zone data or GPS information, the CG-5 AUTOGRAV can automatically calculate and apply a real time tidal correction to each reading.

Displayed and recorded data

Corrected gravity.
X-axis tilt and Y-axis tilt.
Standard deviation.
Gravity sensor temperature.
Tidal correction.
Time of measurement.
Duration of measurement.
Header information (including data and initialization constants).
Graphic scope of digitized gravity data.
Data in numeric format.
Optional storage of raw analog data for advanced applications.
Observation notes.

CG-5 Autograv gravity meter Brochure

Second Hand Scintrex CG5

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