Second-hand LUND System

Second-hand LUND System

Second Hand Lund System :

  • SAS 4000 resistivity meter: 4 channels
  • Multiplexer: ES1064C
  • Good Condition
  • Year: 2006

Components of the system :

  • Terrameter SAS4000 4 channels + ES 10-64C, 64 electrodes, 10 channels
  • Electric flutes (cable length at customer’s request)
  • Electrodes and braces
  • Acquisition software

The ES 10-64C module is a 10-channel housing (4 paris of MN and 1 pari of AB) directly compatible with Terrameter SAS 1000 and 4000

It’s possible to connect multiple ES 10-64 boxes on the same resistivity meter, to work in 3D.



Second-hand LUND System: multi-electrode measuring system

The LUND system is a multi-electrode measurement system developped by ABEM from the TERRAMETER resistivimeters SAS1000 and SAS4000. We recently decided to sell a second-hand LUND System to renew our park.

The system is recognized for its flexiblity in geophysical studies dedicated to infrastructure or environmental projects.

The method of geophysical measurements in electric imaging has developed considerably in recent years. It’s particularly suited to studies on the management of water resources, preinvestigations in geotehcnies, mapping and prospecting of natural resources.

Principles and characteristic

The LUND system has the capacity to adapt to all kinds of measurements protocols (Wenner, Schlumberger, gradient, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, pole-pole… ) previously defined by the user. The LUND supports many cable configurations in the field. 2D or 3D studies are programmable and will be launched automatically.

The LUND system :

  • high resolution data at great depths automatic data acquisition classic format of the data to be processed
  • the user is guaranteed ot obtain quality electrical imaging data in 2D or 3D. he’ll appreciate the speed of implementation of the equipment in the field

The acquisition of the LUND has been automated as much as possible, as well as the processing, interpretation and presentation of the data. As such, we recommend the use of RES2DINV software for complete data processing .

Second-hand EM61-MK2A

We propose two second-hand LUND System :

TERRAMETER SAS4000 (2005) + ES1064 (2005)

TERRAMETER SAS4000 (2007) + ES1064 (2006)

This equipment is in good shape. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require. 

Second-hand LUND System

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