IDS Antennas

IDS Antennas

Technical Specifications

Available for RENT and for SALE

Monofrequency Antenna

Antenna TR 25 MHz (Sales)

Antenna  TR 40 MHz (Sales)

Antenna 80 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna 100 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna 200 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna 400 MHz (Sales)

Antenna 600 MHz (Sales)

Antenna 900 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna TR HF 2.0 GHz (Sales/Rental)

Bipolar Antenna TR BIP 2.0 GHz (Sales)

Antenna TR SHF 3.0 GHz (Sales)

Antenna Horn 1 ou 2 GHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna Borehole 150 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna Borehole 300 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Multifrequency Antenna

Dual Antenna 200-600 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Dual Antenna 400-900 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna STREAM 200 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna STREAM 600 MHz (Sales/Rental)

Antenna STREAM 900 MHz (Rental)

Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar



We offer a various monofrequency and multifrequency antennas in sales and in rental.



IDS Antennas