Technical Specifications

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Remote sensing : Real time remote sensing at up to 4km with no need for equipment to be installed on the monitored area.
Accuracy : Measures displacements of as little as 0.1mm @ 4km range. No other instrument can match the same accuracy.
3D rendering : Real time 3D map of displacements over areas of several square kilometers. The user can easily understand and locate the displacements.
Always operative : Operates day & night in all weather conditions.

System specifications

Range: 0.5m.
Cross range: 4.4mrad.
Spatial resolution : (0.5m by 4.4m @ 1km; 0.5m by 8.8m @ 2.2km).
Accuracy :  0.1mm (depending on range).
Operating range : 10m to 4000m.
Frequency band : 17.1 – 17.3GHz.
Radiated power : 0.400W.
Scan time : < 3 min.
Power consumption : < 100W.
Environmental : IP65.

Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar




IBIS-FL is a highly innovative solution for monitoring movement in slopes and structures. It uses interferometry to remotely measure the simultaneous displacement of thousands of points over large areas. This is done remotely without the need for direct access to the site or any invasive equipment. It provides a highly accurate displacement time series for each point allowing areas of movement to be clearly distinguished and alerts to be issued if movements exceed a selected threshold. IBIS-FL can be used to provide information and early warnings on landslides, terrain subsidence, and volcanoes as well as man-made structures such as dams and cultural heritage sites.


IBIS-FL consists of a radar head mounted on a rail to allow accurately measured lateral movement which can be set up anywhere with a line of sight within 4km of the target area. IBIS-FL’s Guardian software suite provides automatic real-time processing of radar data, visualization of displacement maps with multiple analysis options (extraction of time series for displacements, velocity, inverse of velocity) and the possibility to create multiple hazard-maps with userdefined alarm criteria for active monitoring.

IBIS-FL benefits

Helps identify areas of risk for landslide prevention and landslide mitigation projects by providing a complete and real time stability assesment of a slope.
Provides accurate monitoring of a landslide or a large structure remotely without the need to place contact sensors in areas of risk.
Reduces the time taken to obtain a complete kinematic characterization of a landslide, monitoring the displacement.



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