Technical Specifications

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Casing : Rugged Aluminum case meets IEC IP66

GPS receiver : 50 channels SirFstarIII chip

Display : 8,4” Active TFT LCD, full color, daylight visible, resolution of 800×600

I / O ports : 2 x KPT-19 for receiver coils

Power : 2×12 V, Ah internal NiMH power pack 10-34 VDC external power

Battery chargers : Integrated for internal batteries

Dimensions : (W x L x H) 390x210x320 mm

Weight : 14 kg

Ambient Temperature Range : -20 o C to +60 o C operating1 -30 o C to +70 o C storage

Integrated Field PC

Processor : Low power Intel Atom,1,6 GHz

Operating System  : Windows XP Pro Internal RAM 2 GB (DDR SO-DIMM module)

Hard disk capacity : Solid state disk of 100 GB or greater

I / O port : 2 x USB 2.0 ports

Network interfaces : 1 x IEEE 802.3 TP-10/100/1000 RJ-45 IP 67

WiFi interface :  Integrated with built-in antenna


Output current : 15 A

On/Off Time : Adjustable from 1 ms to 500 ms in microsecond steps


Receiver input : 2 Channels

Sampling : 1 MHz each channel

Dynamic range : 170 dB system 140 dB instantaneously

Repetition rate : From 500 Hz to 0.5 Hz in microsecond steps

Stacking Options : 1 to 65,536 in single steps

Windows (Gates)  : Up to 200 depending on time series selected in 3 sets (optional, user selectable)

Functions Measured : Transient response, current battery voltage (external an internal), automatic gain/offset calibration, layer model (full data inversion)

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ABEM WalkTEM offers fast, efficient penetration of conductive overburden with excellent data collection in high resistivity zones to meet each client´s specific needs.

The Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) method offers good penetration of conductive overburden and is increasingly popular for hydrogeological applications as well as general geological mapping and mineral exploration. Since there is no requirement for galvanic ground contact, data can be collected in high resistivity surficial zones and in areas covered by ice or exposed rock.

This ABEM product is derived from the airborne SkyTEM helicopter system, sharing the technology. While SkyTEM covers large areas, ABEM WalkTEM offers more accurate resolution of fine details in geology.

This  system integrates a high current transmitter and a dual channel wide bandwidth receiver in one rugged box, which also contains an integrated PC and dual internal batteries.The system is complete with two models of low noise receiver coils; one optimized for high resolution shallow soundings and the other, with a larger effective area, suitable for deeper soundings.

It operates using dual moment transmission where it automatically alternates between maximum and reduced current pulses, thus utilizing the benefits from both high energy fields as well as fast current pulse turn-off. The advantage is high resolution responses from shallow to maximum depth.

ABEM WalkTEM is delivered with ViewTEM software, a geophysical processing and inversion software for Transient ElectroMagnetic data measured by the ABEM WalkTEM system. It’s performance and ease-of-use makes it the perfect match for the WalkTEM system and the combination will provide high quality data at high rate.

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