GEOREVA organizes a workshop on April 17-18, 2018 regarding magnetic and electromagnetic data for detection and characterization of buried UXO

The objective of each day is to discover and/or improve your skills on magnetometers and TDEM detectors data acquisition. We will first introduce the method, the equipment, and examples of applications.

Then, each participant will do a practical data acquisition of these equipment on a field near our facilities where targets will have been buried beforehand. Data processing will focus on the location and characterization of the detected targets. An identical program will be offered on the 2 days. You can participate on April 17 or 18, depending on your availability. To register, please contact us !



The MAGNETO MX V3 is a large area magneto­meter survey system. It can host up to 16 fluxgate gradiometers on a trailer having a width of 3.85m. This allows a rapid non-invasive cartography on land in order to search for UXO or archaeological structures as well as doing large scale soil evaluations.

The MX V3 is available for rent with a towed system up to 8 fluxgate gradiometers or as a pushed system up to 5 sensors. We also propose for rent the MXPDA system.



The SBL10 is a very compact handheld device for detection of ferromagnetic objects in the ground. With only 3.7 kg and a clearly arranged control display, the SBL10 is easy and intuitive to operate. Due to its folding mechanism the SBL10 needs no assembly and is ready within seconds.

The SBL10 is rent with a rugged PDA with built-in GPS and MonSX software for instant visualization of detected targets as color coded map.



We offer for rent a wide range of georadar equipped with multi-array STREAM antennas. These antennas are available in 200, 600 or 900 MHz, with towed or manual trolley. We also offer RTK positioning solutions (GPS or total station).

STREAM georadars are perfectly suited for detection and location of non-magnetic pyrotechnic objects. In addition, OneVision acquisition software enables real-time visualization of C-Scan view (X,Y), helping targets location.


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